Register your Landscape Proposal

Follow the 5 step process to register your landscape proposal with EFTEON.

    1. Contact information

    Your details:

    Landscape Custodianship:

    List of Collaborators:

    Collaboration & Sharing Agreement:

    2. Justification of Landscape

    Tell us why you think this site is appropriate as a EFTEON research landscape.

    landscape selection principles:
    • Long Term Environmental Research: The EFTEON is intended for long term continuous operation and the primary purpose of the network is to provide long term environmental data for the national and global research community. Site operations need to undertake measurements and observations that are of value at both the short and long term. Selected landscapes need to be available for multi-decade operation.
    • Research Platform: The EFTEON is intended as a research platform with an open data and open platform use policy, in order to facilitate the use of the infrastructure and data by other researchers, both nationally and internationally.
    • Spatial diversity coverage: Sites selected for the network are to represent the major biomes and human transformed ecosystems and their embedded aquatic systems. A focus on lived-in landscapes and landscapes in transition (climate change or land use change ).
    • Historic observational and experimental datasets: Incorporation of existing research and linking to existing socio-ecological datasets. The leverage of long term social-ecological and earth system data sets would be considered an advantage in the selection of the sites. A strong emphasis on data archiving and provision and data archaeology to ensure long term availability and continuity of datasets.
    • Experiments and manipulations: Where appropriate implement and sustain appropriate simple experiments to help elucidate a process-level understanding of ecosystem changes.

    3. Enter Landscape Information

    The site proposed represents the center of your proposed landscape, if multiple proposals are received within a single landscape area they will be grouped during the regional work-shopping assessment of proposals.

    General details:

    Since the nomination is for a landscape in the 10-100km² size range please indicate a central reference point for the landscape i.e., entrance gate, site office, research center, existing infrastructure…

    Landscape in Science:

    What role does the landscape have now, or in the past with regard to knowledge generation.

    Landscape information:

    4. Logistical and Operational Support

    Describe the status of services available around the landscape.